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I offer scientific research services

Scientific research: I conduct research for my clients in international databases on the correlation between nutrition, eating habits and the development of illness.

Press releases: I write specific texts on nutritional topics.

Technical writer: I also write about complex correlations based on current scientific recommendations.

Speaker and lecturer: I have spent years working for adult education facilities and advanced training institutions for physicians and ecotrophologists

Unser Kursangebot

Genussvoll und entspannt abnehmen (Mai 2019)
Achtsamkeit in der Ernährung (Mai 2019)
Kochkurse nach Anfrage ab Mai 2019

Alle Kurse werden von den gesetzl. KK bezuschusst!

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Tipp: Rezept für April/Mai 2019

Lachs mit grünem Spargel und Kirschtomaten

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Praktikumsstelle ab September 2019
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