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In accordance with paragraph 20 (a) of the German Social Insurance Code (SGB) 5, I can offer workplace health promotion at your company or facility. I have successfully worked in this capacity for many years together with other nutritionists, sport and psychological therapists and physicians.

We develop and implement individual, tailor-made strategies for your employees:

Health days: We determine the nutritional status and body constitution of your employees, provide check-ups of eating and exercising habits, and answer questions about food, exercise and stress.

Lectures and seminars: All about nutrition – information regarding the connection between illness, eating habits, dieting, lack of exercise, back health, immune system, stress etc.

Training for executives: I offer individual counseling sessions for selected employees – at their workplace or in my office.

Events and fairs: If you are interested in a program, we can design the right materials for the event – whether for primary school, children or truck drivers or a spring or autumn campaign. We are experts in designing and implementing projects.

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Genussvoll und entspannt abnehmen -
Achtsamkeit in der Ernährung -
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Rezept zur Stärkung des Immunsystems - nachhaltig und schnell

Hirse mit Ofengemüse und Feta

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Topthema: Nachhaltig und gesund essen mit der Planetary Health Diet
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Derzeit sind alle Trainée- und Praktikantenstellen in unserer Praxis vergeben.

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